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Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or designing one (or several) for a new home, the choice of countertops is a critical decision. The professionals at Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc. can help homeowners, designers, architects and contractors make this vital process so much easier.

As an experienced, family-owned custom countertop fabricator and installer in business since 1956, you can trust us for your bathroom countertop and vanity needs for your Lancaster, York, Reading or Harrisburg, PA area home.

What You Need to Know About Bathroom Countertops and Vanity Tops

The appropriate selection of bathroom countertops depends on several factors:

  • Room size: Bathrooms can range from tiny half-baths and powder rooms to larger, luxurious areas equipped with saunas and other modern amenities. It’s important to choose a countertop-sink combination that doesn’t “overpower” the room or isn’t big enough to be noticeable.
  • Appearance: These days, there is no shortage of choices regarding the design of your bathroom countertop. If you’re not sure which one would look best in your bathroom, a knowledgeable countertop fabricator can provide guidance.
  • Volume: Will the bathroom only be used by one or two people or a household full of kids? This will help you determine the type of surface you choose for your countertop or vanity – some materials are more durable and easy to clean and maintain than others.
  • Cost: Expect to pay more for a custom-fabricated bathroom countertop than you would for a pre-made vanity top. The latter can be a more cost-effective solution if you already have a vanity you’re happy with and aren’t looking to replace it.
  • Longevity: If you’re planning to stay in your home for many years, you’ll probably want a countertop made from the most durable materials. In these situations, practicality is just as, if not more important than style.
  • Materials: There are also many options for bathroom countertops and vanities, each offering specific advantages and disadvantages. For example, stone provides a natural beauty that is hard to replicate and is extremely durable and scratch-resistant. On the downside, some stone materials are porous and require sealing to prevent stains. Quartz, also referred to as engineered stone, is a more affordable alternative to natural stone that is hard and durable and does not require sealing. However, quartz is susceptible to damage from the acidic or alkaline chemicals found in many bathroom cleaning products, which can reduce the shine.

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We Can Also Meet Your Bathroom Tub and Shower Wall Surface Needs

Our bathroom remodeling and design products and services include much more than countertops and vanity tops – we can also provide your home with a beautiful tub and shower wall surface that will make your bathroom look like new in no time.

We specialize in shower and tub wall surround systems that offer a cost-effective solution for upgrading an outdated, moldy tile tub enclosure. A tub and shower wall surround system delivers a vast array of benefits for any homeowner, including:

  • Versatility: Wall surrounds feature a wide variety of choice regarding color, texture and patterns, enabling you to achieve the ideal look for your bathroom.
  • Affordability: Wall surrounds are often less expensive than tiles. The material prices are usually lower, and the fast, simplified installation process also results in lower labor costs.
  • Smooth, Streamlined Appearance: Because there is no tile, wall surrounds are free of unsightly grout lines. This can also make a smaller bathroom appear larger, even though you are not altering the size of the room.
  • Minimized Water Damage: Wall surrounds do not contain seams that can trap water and moisture and promote the growth of mold and mildew. This ensures maximum longevity – a properly installed wall surround should last as long as the tub and shower.
  • Easy Maintenance: Well-made wall surrounds offer excellent protection against cracking and chipping. And, you won’t have to expend a lot of “elbow grease” scouring grimy grout lines!
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H.H. Ross Is Your One-Stop Headquarters for Bathroom Accessories

You can also count on us for an extensive selection of accessories that will enhance your bathroom’s functionality and help you maximize limited space, such as:

  • Shower Seats: Seats are essential safety features for senior citizens or people with disabilities. We offer an assortment of seats, benches and stools that are compatible with your shower regarding fit and style. We also provide professional installation to ensure maximum user safety.
  • Shower Wall Shelves and Caddies: Are you tired of dealing with a cluttered bathroom countertop? H.H. Ross can provide shower wall shelves and caddies that give you a place for shampoo, lotions, soap, hand towels and other products.
  • Shower Thresholds: We can also install an attractive shower threshold that will protect your shower’s subfloor. We’ll help you determine if a single- or double-threshold pan is the better choice for your shower installation.

Visit Our Lititz, PA Showroom for a Closer Look

Based in Lititz, PA, H.H. Ross offers an assortment of brand-name bathroom countertops, vanity tops, sinks, tub and shower wall surfaces and accessories in numerous attractive styles. We offer products made from durable, high-quality materials such as quartz, natural stone, rock-solid granite and many others.

If you’re in the York, Harrisburg, Lancaster or Reading, PA area, we invite you to stop by our Lititz showroom or contact us for a no-obligation bathroom vanity top or countertop quote.

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