Solid Surface Sinks

Solid Surface Sinks in Lancaster

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for versatile and durable solid surface sinks in Lancaster. At Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc., our nearly 70 years of experience in custom surface fabrication and installation ensures you get the highest quality residential or commercial solid surface sinks for your project.

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What Are Solid Surface Sinks?

Solid surface sinks are formed by mixing a mineral compound with acrylic, epoxy and polyester resins. As a synthetic material, solid surface sinks can be manufactured in various trend-setting patterns and custom colors. Because of its versatility, solid surface continues to be a trendy option for both kitchen and bathroom sinks. This human-made material comes in various styles and colors that we can easily fabricate to fit any kitchen or bathroom design seamlessly.

We at H.H. Ross carry an extensive selection of high-quality Corian® and Meganite® solid surface sinks, perfect for different styles and environments.

DuPont Corian Solid Surface Sinks

While Corian may be the original solid surface material, it remains a sleek, beautiful option today. We have a variety of Corian sinks, all stylish and on-trend with today’s designs. DuPont’s prefabricated options allow you to easily combine solid surface sinks with other materials in various applications and settings.

Meganite Sinks

With more than 40 years of expertise, Meganite continues to make high-quality acrylic solid surface sinks perfect for any environment. Their solid surface sinks come in various designs and colors that perfectly match your vision for your bathroom or kitchen.

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Kitchen Sink and Water Tap In Modern Apartment Kitchen

Which Countertops Should Use Solid Surface Sinks?

You may want to integrate your solid surface sinks and countertops for a cohesive appearance. This common style molds the sink and countertop from the same solid surface material to create a unified, sleek look.

However, solid surfaces are also available in sink-only units. Because it is synthetically manufactured, a solid surface comes in many colors and styles, many of which mimic the look of porcelain and natural materials such as granite. For that reason, solid surface sinks work with any countertop material, including:

    • Granite
    • Quartz
    • Ceramic tile
    • Wood butcher block
    • And so many more

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Why Choose Solid Surface Sinks in Central PA?

Solid surface sinks are water- and stain-resistant, making them ideal for numerous kitchen and bathroom applications. You can have confidence in your home’s or business’s appearance knowing your sink won’t suffer any damage from water or stains over time. Here are some additional benefits of choosing solid surface sinks:

  • Beautiful appearance: When it comes to color and design, this material offers almost unlimited possibilities. It can mimic the appearance of granite or porcelain and comes in various colors and designs.
  • Extremely durable: Solid surface sinks are highly resistant to scuffs, scratches and corrosion. Plus, if scratched, dinged or nicked, you can easily sand out solid surface materials, returning the smooth surface.
  • Easy to clean: This non-porous material is easy to care for. It’s both stain-resistant and hygienic for kitchen and bathroom use.
  • Affordable: As a human-made material, solid surface tends to be a far more affordable option compared to other material types.

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H.H. Ross is a family-owned and operated company providing Central PA residents with the best in solid surface sinks. Our gallery includes a range of previous projects that show our expertise in serving Pennsylvania residents with beautiful new sinks.

We aim to help you find a bathroom or kitchen sink you will love for years. We are well-versed in the many benefits of solid surface sinks and would be happy to help you find an option that’s just right for you. Explore our selection of Corian and Meganite solid surface sinks in Lancaster. Then, contact us to receive your free estimate.

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