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Karran® sinks combine durability, practicality and ingenuity. These exceptionally well-made products come from a company dedicated to innovation. Karran USA recognizes the value of being an industry leader, focusing on research and development to find ways to do things better and more efficiently.

The company’s standout achievements include a line of acrylic solid surface sinks that owners can undermount to laminate – an industry first. It also developed a stainless steel sink that can do the same, in addition to undermounting to stone countertops.

We stock a range of different Karran bathroom and kitchen sinks suitable for homes and businesses. When you buy a Karran sink, you can have confidence in its long-term functionality. By choosing H.H. Ross as your installer, you get a reliable sink and outstanding service and installation. It’s a winning combination.

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Silver Rectangular Sink

Q-340: 31" Seamless Undermount Large Single Bowl Quartz Kitchen Sink

6 color options

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White Double-Basin Sink

QU-810: 32" Undermount Double Equal Bowl Quartz Kitchen Sink in White

color options

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Grey Rectangular Single-Basin Sink

QA-740: 34" Undermount Large Single Bowl Quartz Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

6 color options

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Tan Rectangular Double-Basin Sink

QA-760: 34" Undermount Large/Small Bowl Quartz Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

6 color options

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Grey Rectangular Double-Basin Sink

QA-750: 34" Undermount Double Equal Bowl Quartz Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

6 color options

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Rectangular Double-Basin Sink

QAR-760: 34" Retrofit Undermount Large/Small Bowl Quartz Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

6 color options

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What Is a Karran Quartz Sink?

Karran designed its quartz sinks for a seamless addition to your home. They make the sinks from high-density quartz composite. Other outstanding properties of these sinks include:

  • Resistant to chips and scratches
  • Won’t crack from thermal shock and resists heat up to 530°F
  • Does not discolor or stain

These sinks include a variety of color options, too. A restaurant or health care facility may prefer one color for customer- or patient-facing areas and choose another for places limited to staff. You get a fantastic selection and can consider a number of options for size and shape, too, such as double equal bowls or large/small bowls.

How to Clean a Karran Stainless Steel Sink

Karran manufactures strong, damage-resistant sinks. The better you take care of your sink, the more effective it will continue to be. Everyday care of the sink includes rinsing it out after each use and wiping it out with a soft rag or a paper towel. Depending on what type of sink you purchase, such as quartz, stainless steel or acrylic, you will need to follow the directions on your care guide.

How do you clean a Karran sink when you have a deeper stain? You can use cleaners and some commercially available scouring pads, but each sink has different guidelines. Be sure to consult them before cleaning your sink. You can damage the sink if you use an abrasive cleaner that’s not compatible with its finish.

Get a Karran Sink From H.H. Ross

With more than 60 years of experience behind us, H.H. Ross offers the expertise and attention to detail you need when replacing your current sink or buying a new one. Whether you need one for a residential or commercial property, Karran sinks make a smart investment you will use for years to come, reflecting the high quality of all products employed by H.H. Ross.

Our team aims to meet your needs. We can discuss what you’re looking for and recommend the best Karran sink option for your space. Explore your sink options by getting in touch with us – call 717-626-6268 or fill out our online contact form.

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