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Corian Quartz Countertops

Whether you’re contemplating a total kitchen renovation or you’re looking to refresh your bathroom, you’ll likely face the choice of a new countertop. This unsung hero of the kitchen and bathroom plays a significant role in the day-to-day function of both spaces, meaning you’ll want to select a countertop that looks good and holds up to everything you throw at it.

When it comes time to select a new countertop, it’s essential to choose a material that can stand up to the rigors of daily use. Love to cook? There’s a countertop for that. Spend a lot of time working on hair and makeup in the bathroom? There’s a countertop for that too.

Have you considered Corian® quartz surfaces?

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Formerly known as Zodiaq® quartz, these surfaces showcase a unique combination of nature and science. They’re beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. And they make a great addition to any decor.

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What Is Corian Quartz Made Of?

Corian quartz is an engineered material that combines quartz crystals and resin. Thanks to science, all the properties of quartz – its beauty, durability and longevity – come together to provide a high-quality countertop.

Why Quartz?

Quartz is the most abundant of the minerals found in Earth’s surface. It’s known for its durability – it’s a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale – which makes it an excellent option for countertops. However, quartz is a mineral, not a stone, which means it must get harvested in chunks, rather than pulled out in large slabs. Following the quarrying process, manufacturers combine the quartz pieces with resin and pigment to create a solid, non-porous surface. A solid-surface countertop won’t absorb any food or liquid that gets spilled on it.

Yes, Corian is an engineered countertop. The best of the natural properties of quartz pair up with the benefits of science to provide you with the best countertop options.

Because it’s approximately 93% quartz, it has a beautiful, natural stone look that complements just about every kitchen design. That’s right – whether you’re into a rustic farmhouse appearance or you prefer a more high-end look, Corian has something for everyone.

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Benefits of Corian Quartz Surfaces

Quartz countertops are distinctive because of their shiny, sparkly appearance that comes from the quartz pieces in the slab. You can also order countertops with a glossy finish that adds even more shine to the surface. Because it’s a solid-surface material, it doesn’t require periodic sealing, and it holds up well to heat. Still not convinced? Consider this.

1. Corian Quartz Is Low-Maintenance
Unlike its popular rival granite, quartz countertops don’t require regular sealing and are difficult to break. All you’ll need to remember is to wipe them down regularly and give them a periodic deep cleaning with mild soap and water or a stone cleaner.

2. Corian Quartz Is Durable
Because quartz countertops are a solid surface, you don’t have to worry about anything soaking through and ruining the glossy appearance of your countertop.

3. Corian Quartz Is Hygienic
Since there are no cracks or crevices in a solid-surface countertop, mold or bacteria can’t penetrate it. This quality makes them an excellent option for kitchens and bathrooms – places where germs tend to spread quicky.

4. Corian Quartz Is Beautiful
Quartz is a naturally shiny, beautiful mineral. Even after getting crushed up and turned into a solid-surface countertop, it maintains its unique shiny appearance. Even better than that – because it’s durable, it will hold its beauty as it ages.

5. Corian Quartz Is Consistent
Unlike some of its natural counterparts, the designs in Corian are more consistent. Because their materials are engineered, you won’t find as much variation in the shades or the patterns, which can make it easier to decorate the rest of your room to complement the quartz you select. If the design of your home is more elegant than rustic, quartz also provides a more polished, finished look than granite or soapstone options.

6. Corian Quartz Is Competitively Priced
If you’ve done your homework, you’ve probably seen a variety of prices for quartz, granite and other countertop materials. So is Corian more affordable than its competitors? Competitively priced up-front options do make Corian an ideal choice for many homes or businesses. One of the most significant savings with Corian comes from its low-maintenance properties, as well as its longevity. Corian is durable, so it’s not going to crack or break with use. It’s going to hold up to amateur chefs spilling food on it, cans getting dropped on it and oblivious teenagers hopping up on the counter to talk about their day. You also won’t be paying to repair or resurface it every couple of years, since it doesn’t need more than a regular soap-and-water cleaning.

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Corian Quartz Colors

DuPont has partnered with architects, designers and other interior decorating experts to offer a wide selection of colors and styles of Corian countertops. Design options include the following.

1. Dark or Light Granular Quartz
These shades have a distinctive dot pattern. The variety of neutral tones features variations of color within the slab and looks similar to a traditional granite countertop. These options are available in light colors – whites, creams and grays – as well as darker shades such as reds, browns and blacks.

2. Dark- or Light-Veined Quartz
The other type of quartz you’ll encounter in Corian’s many color options is veined quartz. These options feature a distinct marbled pattern that offers variations on the shade you’ve chosen. Lighter shades include whites, creams and grays. Darker shades include dark grays and blacks.

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Caring for Corian Quartz Countertops

One of the significant questions everyone has when they’re considering Corian is: What kind of maintenance do they require? The good news is that these countertops are incredibly low-maintenance. However, there are some essential things to know about keeping them in good condition.

1. Clean Frequently
You will need to wipe Corian down frequently, and you should never let liquids sit on the surface for extended periods. In other words, if something spills, you should clean it up right away to prevent staining. It’s a good idea to use a bleach-free kitchen cleaner, quartz cleaner or even just a simple soap-and-water solution to give them a regular, thorough cleaning.

2. Don’t Apply Wax or Bleach
Corian countertops maintain their shine without much help from their owner. Waxing their surfaces only makes a big mess. All you need to do to keep them glowing is to keep them clean. If you’re cleaning your sink or fixture around the countertop with bleach and a drop or two splashes onto the quartz, it probably won’t damage it. But, if quartz comes in contact with larger amounts of bleach, or you allow it to sit on the surface for a while, it can interact with the pigments that create the color and appearance of your countertop.

3. Be Smart
If you install Corian in your kitchen, make sure to use cutting boards when you’re slicing and chopping, and always put a hot pad underneath pots and pans when you take them off the stove. While the material is scratch- and heat-resistant, it’s not scratch- and heat-proof, which means there is a possibility you could damage it if you aren’t careful.

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Choose H.H. Ross for Corian Quartz Countertop Installation

Looking for Corian surface installation near Lancaster? Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc. offers the expertise and quality you need. We’ve honed our skills through more than 60 years of experience as a local, family-owned countertop fabrication business. Our specialty is cabinets and countertops, so when we make a recommendation, you can trust that we have your best interests in mind. DuPont has certified us to sell and install the highest-quality products.

We’d be happy to talk to you about your needs and install timeless Corian countertops for your home or business. Contact us to request more information or a free quote. Or, stop by our showroom in Lititz to see what we offer.



Corian Quartz Surfaces for Commercial Use

The surfaces throughout your business should wow your clients and inspire your employees. The right material will seamlessly blend with your current decor and require little maintenance, so you can focus on your more pressing business tasks. You’ll find these qualities in a Corian countertop installed by H.H. Ross. We offer quartz surfaces ideal for businesses and architectural projects both large and small.

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1. Front Desks

The reception area of your hotel or office is the first thing people see when they walk in your front door. Make it pop by incorporating Corian in your desktops or other flat-topped spaces. Whether you have a hotel lobby that needs tables, want to incorporate a small media center off your lobby or plan to turn your boring reception space into a statement piece, Corian is the answer. With the variety of colors and patterns available, you can select a piece to incorporate seamlessly into your existing decor. Or, if you’re ready for a complete redesign, use your Corian countertop as the focal point of a makeover.

2. Decorative Tables
Corian isn’t just for countertops! Quartz tabletops make a bold statement, whether you’re decorating a hotel lobby or the inside of your office. They’re durable enough to withstand daily, use but gorgeous enough to turn any corporate decor from good to great.

3. Bar Tops
Corian is a popular option for restaurant bar tops because of its durable nature. Its solid surface means it doesn’t attract and hold onto germs, which means it’s not going to trap all the mold and bacteria your patrons leave on the countertop. And, it’s easy to wipe down. While it’s essential to keep Corian dry, it’s easy to clean and dry with a standard bar towel – no special cleaning equipment required. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Corian adds a beautiful touch to any decor, from a comfortable dive all the way to an elegant hotel bar.

4. Bathroom Walls and Countertops
Another great way to incorporate Corian into your corporate decor is to use it in your bathrooms. As a countertop, its low-maintenance, yet beautiful appearance gives an extra dose of class to just about any bathroom. As a backsplash or wall decor, it provides a unique, elegant visual statement to compliment the bathroom’s existing decor. Pairing quartz countertops and backsplashes is a great way to carry over the beauty and elegance of quartz throughout the design.

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