Restaurant and Bar Countertops

Restaurant And Bar Countertops

If you own a restaurant or bar, you know the importance of your guests’ first impression. Customers will learn a lot about your establishment as soon as they walk in the door, which means appearance matters. Whether you take orders at the counter or have plenty of seating around the bar, countertops are among your business’s most commonly used surfaces.

Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc. is dedicated to helping you create a positive brand perception. We have decades of experience in the countertop industry and a professional team to help you find the solutions you need for your bar or restaurant. With our help, you can ensure new faces become regular visitors.

Common Uses of Restaurant and Bar Countertops

All restaurants and bars need countertops to serve patrons, from diners and pubs to fine-dining establishments. When you look closely at your restaurant setup, you’ll realize how versatile countertops are.

Countertops are necessary for several front-end restaurant areas, including the hostess stand, bar tops, self-serve stations and bathroom vanities. Counters are also valuable for the back as food preparation spaces, storage surfaces and more.

Common Materials for Bar and Restaurant Countertops

Common Materials for Bar and Restaurant Countertops

When looking for a suitable countertop material, consider your budget and the material’s maintenance needs, including porous or nonporous surfaces. Explore these great options from H.H. Ross:

  • Granite: Our granite is a natural stone popular among restauranteurs, thanks to its durability. It offers a distinguished swirled appearance that comes in various textures and finishes that are resistant to spills and damage.
  • Corian: This easy-to-clean composite surface has a sleek appearance that fits any food industry setting. The acrylic’s bacteria- and scratch resistance make it a practical choice for kitchens and prep stations.
  • Quartz: Our various quartz options bring character to your bar. This material is stain-resistant and aesthetically pleasing, making it ideal for serving drinks and food in any restaurant area.

Why Should You Choose H.H. Ross?

At H.H. Ross, we understand the countertop industry and the businesses that need them. We’ve been serving home and business owners since 1956, and our team of experts will help you select, customize and install counters that elevate your bar or restaurant. Whether you are a new business or a local legend, we can improve your restaurant’s function and design.

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