Office and Corporate Countertops

Office And Corporate Countertops

In workplace environments, countertops offer an opportunity to add a touch of style and sophistication that expresses your brand and culture. These surfaces should reflect how a company wants to be perceived and appeal to employees, clients and other guests.

Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc. offers office countertops prioritizing function and appearance. Explore impressive designs to suit the needs of your business.

Uses of Office and Corporate Countertops

When furnishing an office or corporate building, you’ll need countertops in spaces such as:

  • Reception areas
  • Cafes and lunch rooms
  • Pantries and kitchens
  • Lounge and waiting areas
  • Meeting and conference rooms

When people tour the workplace, the design elements in each room set the tone you want to convey. Investing in high-quality countertops provides a great first impression when guests or potential clients enter your lobby. Keeping that polished look flowing throughout the building offers cohesion and reinforces a professional image for your business.

What to Look for in Office Building Countertops

With the purposes of workplace countertops varying, the qualities you look for will depend on each room’s function. Eating areas and restrooms should be resilient and easy to clean to accommodate frequent use. Places like the reception area offer a way to express your corporate brand. Design options with various colors and shapes will provide a way to cultivate an environment suited to your casual or formal culture.

Elements of corporate spaces, such as countertops and furniture, develop the tone you want to achieve, so it pays to work with a fabricator that can produce custom designs and bring your workplace visions to life with premium, long-lasting materials.

Corian solid surface countertop offer exceptional resistance

Common Materials in Countertops for Corporate Offices

Nonporous surfaces are often top selections for office countertops since they’re easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, solid, synthetic materials allow for long-term durability without warping or bending. Options like the Corian® solid surface countertop offer exceptional resistance to wear and tear for installation in high-traffic or common-use areas at work.

In addition to protective surface characteristics, synthetic materials offer many design possibilities. You can provide statement pieces in your lobby, conference room and lounge areas with touches of bold or elegant style based on your preferences. Working with a fabricator that offers personalization allows you to choose creative or one-of-a-kind countertops for your workplace.

Benefits of Working With H.H. Ross

At Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc., we offer over 50 countertop surfaces to choose from for your office. With experience stretching back to 1956, we’ve developed a reputation as a trusted countertop fabricator serving Lancaster and nearby communities in Pennsylvania. From designing to installing countertops, we offer high-quality services to fulfill the needs of your business.

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