Commercial Bathroom Countertops

commercial bathroom countertops

Commercial Bathroom Countertops

You most likely created the layout of your restaurant, retail store or commercial complex to impress your guests and help them feel comfortable with your brand. Every space and room should give your guests the best first impression — even the bathroom. One way to help your guests have an enjoyable experience with your business is by picking the right commercial bathroom countertops.

Why the Countertops in Your Commercial Bathroom Matter

As a place frequently visited by guests, the bathroom should be prioritized when considering facility design. Guests greatly appreciate a well-appointed bathroom, with this area being integral to visitors forming a positive first impression. You need it to be a functional place that is still aesthetically pleasing. The countertop you choose can play a significant role in blending functionality with style.

A countertop’s design will influence how your guests feel about a room. Sleek, neutral-colored counters can create a professional and modern tone, while curved, colorful countertops provide a fun, inviting environment. Because of that influence, the choices you make when designing your commercial counters can sway your guests to feel a certain way about your brand and business.

qualities to look for in commercial countertops

Qualities to Look for in Commercial Countertops

When deciding on what kind of countertop to install in your commercial bathroom, consider these four points:

  • Cleanliness: Sanitation is the main priority when creating a functional commercial bathroom. You need a countertop that will promote good hygiene by being easy to clean.
  • Durability: Look for a countertop that can stand up to high traffic. A long-lasting counter is a necessity in any bathroom space, especially one designated for commercial use.
  • Functionality: Guests have certain expectations for how a restroom should function. A commercial bathroom countertop will have enough capacity to give guests the comfort and room they need.
  • Aesthetics: Guests are only in the bathroom for a short time, so the look of the space should instantly convey your brand’s tone and style.

Popular Countertop Materials for Commercial Restrooms

H.H. Ross recommends countertop materials that provide all four aspects of cleanliness, durability, functionality and aesthetics:

  • Granite: Natural, durable and classic
  • Quartz: Attractive, consistent and easy to clean
  • DuPont Corian®: Cost-effective, durable and beautiful

Choose H.H. Ross for Commercial Counters

When you need to install a commercial bathroom countertop for your business, trust H.H. Ross to help you find the right fit. Our experienced team will help you find a suitable material and ensure the capacity of your commercial counters fits your functional and aesthetic requirements. Request a free quote online today.