College and University Countertops

College and University Countertops

Educational settings prioritize environments with low maintenance needs and the durability to last in high-traffic areas. The right countertops for schools meet these needs by accommodating easy disinfection methods while retaining a high-quality appearance.

Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc. helps colleges, universities and other types of schools design durable counters that fit their spaces. Learn more about the fundamental needs of educational facility countertop materials and how H.H. Ross can meet them.

Countertop Uses in Colleges and Universities

Countertops serve many purposes in school settings. These installations are necessary for:

  • Classrooms
  • Science laboratories
  • Cafeterias and dining halls
  • Libraries and study spaces
  • Public restrooms near classes
  • Dormitory kitchens and restrooms
  • Lobbies and administration areas

Counters in these high-traffic areas must be able to accommodate frequent use and cleaning.

What to Look for in Educational Facility Countertops

College and university spaces must factor in the need to sanitize their surfaces regularly. Furthermore, school countertops must maintain a sophisticated look to appeal to potential students on tour and please visiting parents or other special guests. Nonporous countertop materials are ideal for educational institutions since they wipe clean easily and offer stain resistance for a consistently nice appearance.

Designs for high-traffic areas should not use tiles, as bacteria can develop in the gaps. Smooth countertops allow a much more efficient cleaning process to accommodate sanitizing procedures between classes or after the lunch crowd leaves a dining hall.

Nonporous countertop materials are ideal for educational institutions

Common Materials in Countertops for School Use

Countertops in educational environments need durability to accommodate the constant movement of heavy items like textbooks, backpacks and more. That’s why quartz, one of the least porous materials used today, is an excellent option for college countertops. Quartz surfaces are ideal for their resistance to stains, water and damage.

University countertop producers have numerous material options that allow you to pick impressive and aesthetically pleasing designs. If you’d like to mimic the look of natural stone, substances like mineral compounds, acrylic, epoxy and polyester resins offer versatile appearances to suit your style preference. An artificial stone provides a cost-effective way to supply large quantities of countertops for thousands of students at schools and universities.

Why Choose H.H. Ross?

Since 1956, the experienced team at Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc. has provided reliable countertop design and installation services for higher education institutions. We’ve earned a reputation for excellence in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding communities, proving ourselves as skilled countertop fabricators with exceptional customer service.

We work with general contractors, architects and designers to provide schools with attractive, long-lasting countertops. Our professionals will answer your questions and offer guidance to help you find the right design for your space. We believe in open communication from inspiration to installation to ensure we deliver your desired results in a timely fashion.

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At H.H. Ross, we take care of everything for your entire countertop project. From start to finish, our designers and installers use their knowledge and experience to provide resilient customized surfaces. Enjoy an effortless process on your part as our team works to meet your needs.

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