Pros and Cons of Solid Surface Countertops

Are you considering a solid surface countertop? Solid surface countertops are easy to create with invisible seams for a polished look. They include a mix of non-porous, manufactured materials and can look like granite or marble. If you’ve been on the fence about your countertop options, learn more about the pros and cons of solid surface countertops from Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc.

The Pros of Solid Surface Countertops

Here are a few reasons people love solid surface countertops.


This countertop resists chips and cracking with sturdy materials that hold up to repeated use.

Simple Cleaning

You can use household materials, such as dish soap and water, to wipe down solid counters. They won’t hold stains easily, and you’ll appreciate the minimal maintenance requirements.

Resistant to Scratches

You can easily rid of minor scratches by scrubbing them out. Scratches won’t go deep, and they’ll go away as soon as you address them.

Aesthetic Choices

We sell solid surface countertops in a range of colors and patterns. If you want a specific look for your existing kitchen or inspiration to design a kitchen with bold hues, the versatility of these countertops proves a bonus.


You can get solid surface countertops fabricated to fit any shape you desire. Whether you want an L-shape, a more complicated S-shape or something customized, you’ll get a look you’ll love for your kitchen or bathroom.

Mold-Resistant Surface

A solid surface countertop will go right up to the sink without gaps, making the area nearly waterproof. You won’t get moisture stuck in the small spaces between the sink and countertop, reducing the growth of mold and mildew in your kitchen or bathroom.

The Cons of Solid Surface Countertops

Even the most popular types of countertops have their downsides. Solid surface countertops can be vulnerable to high temperatures, and something like a very hot dish could even crack the surface. You might also cause damage if you cut directly on the countertop, so be sure to use cutting boards and place hot pads beneath anything you pull out of the oven. Inorganic chemicals may also damage solid surface countertops and several other counter types.

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The pros of solid surface countertops outweigh the cons. If you want to add these attractive surfaces to your home, get in touch with H.H. Ross. We sell excellent countertops that’ll look great in your home or business. Contact us today to discuss our products or request a free quote.