What Is the Most Popular Color for Kitchen Countertops?

What Is the Most Popular Color for Kitchen Countertops?

Designing your kitchen is a fun way to give your home a personal touch that makes it feel uniquely yours. Homeowners can choose countertops that complement or contrast the colors of their kitchen cabinetry and other furnishings. Manufacturers use various materials to craft countertops, and each material comes in different colors. Before you decide on a new countertop, make sure you know which color options are available for each material and some creative ways to implement those hues.

Homeowners install countertops with hues across the entire spectrum, but the most popular colors are off-white and dark gray. At Henry H. Ross and Sons, we create beautiful countertops to complement any interior design with the best materials available. Continue reading for tips on how to choose kitchen countertop colors and integrate the most popular hues into your home’s design.

Quartz Countertop Colors

Quartz is a durable and long-lasting countertop material with many enticing color customization options. Popular quartz countertop colors range from white to black and everywhere in between.

  • Light quartz: Lighter colors create a welcoming ambiance. Bright quartz will make your room feel larger and cleaner. Try light-colored quartz in kitchens with wooded and brass furnishings.
  • Dark quartz: Darker quartz hues work well with other dark kitchen elements to create subtle contrast and depth. Alongside lighter furnishings, dark quartz countertops can pull visitors’ attention toward the parts of your kitchen you want to highlight.
  • Neutral quartz: While dark and light hues are immensely popular, finding a middle ground can balance your kitchen’s light and dark elements. Neutral countertops look great with chrome-plated furnishings or as a blending piece between a kitchen’s vibrant components.

Granite Countertop Colors

Granite is another hard, durable countertop material found in kitchens across the United States. Granite is a blend of a few minerals, and the combination determines its color. The result is often a spotted pattern with one essential range of hues standing out as the base color and the other providing an accent.

  • Dark granite: Darker colors like black and gray work well in kitchens that receive plenty of light to ensure a personal, welcoming ambiance.
  • Light granite: Brown and beige hues complement lighter appliances and trim, creating a warm atmosphere.

Solid Surface Countertop Colors

Solid surface countertops are versatile and offer plenty of customization options. Homeowners can find a wide selection of solid surface color choices — from light to dark or a vibrant hue in-between. You’ll find a solid surface countertop that will complement your kitchen design. If you want to mix things up, you can choose a unique color to make your countertops pop.

Both Corian® and Meganite® countertops from H.H. Ross come in a variety of hues:

  • Off-whites
  • Grays and blacks
  • Beiges and browns
  • Blues, greens, yellows and reds

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