What Is the Most Durable Countertop?

What Is the Most Durable Countertop?

When a homeowner wants to improve their kitchen or bathroom and boost their home’s value, upgrading their countertops is an excellent starting point. New countertops can be that extra spice that helps you fall in love with your home all over again. You can choose from several countertop materials. Understanding the differences will help you select the countertop that best suits your household needs. So, which material creates the most durable countertops?

At Henry H. Ross and Son, we’ve spent over 60 years building and installing stunning, high-quality countertops. Continue reading to learn H.H. Ross’s top five most durable countertop materials.

5. Laminate

Laminate countertops mimic other materials like wood and granite. Manufacturers layer several laminate sheets on top of each other and fuse them to a particleboard core. Designers add color by mixing in a viscous plant-based substance called resin. The finished product receives a plastic coating. Homeowners appreciate laminate countertops because they resist stains without frequently applying sealant cleaners. 

While this option is relatively durable, laminate countertops are susceptible to scratches and cracks. They can also be difficult to repair. 

4. Acrylic

Companies like Meganite® use acrylic in solid-surface countertops to create a cost-effective solution with many applications. Acrylic countertops boast some durability, but their primary advantage is their resistance to contaminants like mold, mildew and bacteria. Still, these countertops can last for a long time and maintain their appearance with their easily cleaned surfaces.

Acrylic is vulnerable to burns, scratches and punctures, but maintenance is relatively easy and inexpensive to perform.

3. Corian®

DuPont creates Corian, another solid-surface material. This option consists of various minerals and resin. Corian replicates granite’s look and color variety while maintaining a portion of its durability. Corian countertops are invulnerable to contamination and damage from acidic foods like vinegar or lemons without extra sealers and cleaners.

This synthetic material is susceptible to burns and scratches easily. Fortunately, Corian responds well to sanding for scratch removal.

2. Granite

Many consider granite the most attractive countertop material, perfect for complementing any kitchen, and homeowners purchase these countertops in droves. On top of their renowned beauty, granite countertops are incredibly durable, resisting heat, cracks, chips and other damage — just be careful around the edges.

Homeowners need to put a bit of work into maintaining their granite countertops, as they require the annual application of a sealer and a polished or matte finish to resist stains. The results are often worth the effort. Granite countertops are gorgeous and rugged, earning their spot near the top of our list of the most durable countertop surfaces.

1. Quartz

Quartz is the most durable countertop material. A perfect choice for any kitchen or bathroom, quartz countertops contain a mixture of crushed quartz and resin. These materials create diverse appearance options that range from vibrant, customizable colors to the tried-and-true natural finish. In terms of sheer durability, quartz is nearly indestructible under normal household conditions.

These scratch-resistant countertops will resist stains, bacteria, heat damage and gouges from the sharpest knives without additional sealing. Corners and edges are still a potential weak point, but a good repair team can fix any issues with ease.

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