Kitchen Sink Style Guide

Kitchen sink style guideWhether you’re updating your kitchen or customizing a new home, choosing a kitchen sink is important. You will use the sink multiple times daily, and the style you select must fit into your kitchen’s design as well as into your lifestyle. With numerous factors to consider when picking your kitchen accessories, you have more to think about than just the space available, but we’re here to help. Here’s your guide to helping you find the best sink for your kitchen.

Things to Consider in a Kitchen Sink

Installing a sink requires using one of many different mounting methods. We have undermount models that merge seamlessly with your countertops. These sinks install beneath the counters, for a complete integration into your kitchen and no sink rim around the bowl. Due to their sleek design and smooth integration into your counters, this is the installation option we offer for our sinks here at H.H. Ross.

Other mounting styles include drop-in, vessel and farmhouse. Drop-in sinks are easier to install but harder to clean. Vessel sinks sit atop the counters, which also makes cleaning around the sink a little more tricky. Farmhouse sinks have an eye-catching apron in the front. The apron creates a focal point in the kitchen, but in some cases your cabinets will need major changes to accommodate the apron. However, newer farmhouse sink designs and custom made farmhouse sinks are available with a shorter aprons for them to be installed in an existing base cabinet with slight modifications.

5 Factors to Consider in Your Kitchen Sink

Aside from the installation method, several factors will come into play when you choose your next kitchen sink style, such as:

factors when choosing next kitchen sink style

1. Size

The size of the area you have available will also help you choose a fixture. For instance, if you have little space on an island, you may want a small bar sink such as the Karran® Del Mar model, which only measures 14-inches by 17-inches on the outside. If you have ample room, you may want a more massive sink to make daily activities like dishes, meal prep and more a bit easier.

2. Primary Use

When you’re selecting a sink, you also need to consider where you want to put it to make the best use of your time in the kitchen. If you have a window you’d like to look out of while washing dishes, for example, you might consider placing your new sink under it. Or for easier food preparation, it might be better to set the sink near the stove. You might also want to make cleaning up simpler by locating the dishwasher nearby.Aside from their beauty, sinks are also practical fixtures in your kitchen. Don’t discount how useful they can be during food preparation and cleaning.

3. Kitchen Design

What are the primary colors and shapes used in your kitchen’s décor? Answering this question can help you select a design perfect for your basin. Rectangular sinks with sharper edges contribute to a minimalist or modern kitchen design. Rounded edges are better for traditional kitchens. If your kitchen has a trendy style, opt for D-shaped sinks, which offer more space than similarly sized rectangular sinks. Our colors include modern pure white and stainless steel, but if you want a more rustic or classic look, opt for one of our off-white sinks.

4. Material

The material a sink is made of is important as well. For instance, stainless steel lasts a long time and resists scratching. If you have stainless steel appliances, this material will fit nicely into your kitchen’s design. If you’d rather have your sink blend in more with your countertops, though, you might consider other materials such as acrylic.

5. Number of Basins

If you have a hard-working kitchen, you may need multiple basins for your sink. A double-bowl model allows you to work on one side while soaking dishes on the other. This option is also useful if you don’t have enough room or the plumbing required for two sinks in your kitchen, but you need the additional space. Smaller single basin models are suitable for separate prep areas or wet bars.With so many decisions to make, it’s crucial that you know more about the styles, sizes and other factors that come into play when choosing a sink. Knowledge indeed becomes power when you need to make the most informed decision for any design elements in your home that also will have practical uses.

Kitchen Sink Styles

kitchen sink styles

Each sink design has positive and negative attributes, but when you find the right one, it will fit your home and your life perfectly. We have multiple styles available to fit your home and your life, such as the following:

Single Bowl

Single bowl sinks have the advantage of fitting almost anywhere. You can add one to an island or to a small apartment kitchen. Some single bowls are better for tight spaces than others. For instance, we offer the Corian® 809 small sink that can fit into 13-inch by 15-inch spaces. Corian is a non-porous material that’s easy to clean and easily repaired. If you scratch or stain your Corian sink, simply rub it with a household cleaner to buff out the mark. Ease of cleaning is one reason Corian has so many fans. Like stainless steel, Corian is impact resistant and comes in colors such as almond and vanilla.

Another small sink we offer is the acrylic Karran Del Mar model. Available in white or bisque, this small single-basin design can fit into a 14-inch by 17-inch space. The acrylic resin this sink is made from is super-dense and is heat and scratch resistant.

Single-basin models, though, don’t have to be small. Included in our store’s lineup of stainless steel sinks is the Sterling 11600-NA model, which has the size of a double-bowl sink but the convenience of a single basin. With outer dimensions of 32 inches by 18 inches, it’s the same size as the double-bowl Sterling 11444 model. Having such a large single basin is perfect for cleaning out extra long baking pans or large pots.

Equal Double Bowl

Double bowl models have twice the number of drains and basins compared to single bowl sinks. The two-basin style is especially popular for its practicality. You can soak dishes on one side while leaving the other side free for cooking or cleaning. Because this sink format is so well-known, we have models in several materials. When washing dishes, many people have a side preference based on which hand they often use. Equally-sized double basin sinks mean anyone in the family, regardless of handedness can use the sink comfortably.
<p”>Karran offers many double bowls, but not all have equal sides. The Hampton and Newport models both do, and the biggest difference between these styles is the inclusion of a faucet deck on the Hampton. Other Karran two-bowl models we sell, such as the Fulton and Meridian, have off-set drains. Putting the waste in the upper corner of the basin gives you more room for stacking dishes while washing without blocking the drain. From off-set to centered drains, you can find both configurations among the Karran kitchen sinks on our site.

The Corian 850 model uses the durable Corian material you trust in a classic sink design that can fit into 33-inch or larger base cabinets. It also includes steep sidewalls to maximize the volume of each basin.

If you prefer stainless steel, we have double bowl models in that material, too. The Sterling 11444 is made of long-lasting 18-gauge steel and has the same size as the single-bowl Sterling 11600-NA.

Unequal Double Bowls

In some households, you may need more room for one side of the sink. Double bowl sinks with unequal sides have one side that is smaller than the other. Many people choose the smaller side for soaking dishes while they use the larger basin for working in.

Because the working side of the sink is based on personal preference, we have stainless steel sinks in both right and left configurations. The Sterling 11409 and Sterling 11409-L require the same amount of space for installation. But the 11409-L has a larger basin on the right side, while the 11409’s bigger bowl is on the left. You will see similar configurations in Karran Sorrento and Tuscany models. The Tuscany has a larger basin on the right side, and the Sorrento’s left side basin is bigger.

Kitchen Sink Sizes

kitchen sink sizes

Sinks come in many sizes and arrangements. You may need a single bowl or a double bowl model. Size also matters, depending on how you will use the fixture and how much space you have available. When you select a sink, you’re choosing a design element that will be a significant part of your kitchen.

For smaller spaces such as in a wet bar, island or smaller kitchen, a single-bowl sink is a perfect fit to bring a practical cleaning fixture to a hard-to-fit area. You can’t go wrong adding a smaller basin model to your kitchen. You’ll gain more flexibility with how you can use your cooking space, and a second sink also helps to cut down on feeling overcrowded when more than one person cooks or cleans in the kitchen.

While double bowl designs tend to be larger than single basin models, you can also find single sinks that measure as wide and long as double bowls. If you have large dishes you need to clean that won’t fit into one bowl of a double basin sink, you may want to opt for a single large bowl.


How you mount a sink determines how deep it reaches. If you install an 850 Corian double bowl model, the depth of the basin itself is 8-7/8 inches, but this measurement increases to 9-1/2 inches with undermounting. The best time to install these sinks is when you also put in new counters, though in some instances, you can install this sink model with existing counters. If you’re uncertain about your sink’s installation, ask us about your specific case.

Internal Versus External Measurements

When you look for a new fixture, you’ll see internal and external measurements. The external measurements indicate how much space you’ll need to have around the opening. For undermounted models, the difference between the external and internal measurements is how much the installer fits under the counter past the aperture. Internal measurements show you how much of the sink you’ll have available for use. These numbers do not include the divider or the faucet deck.

Home improvement experts have a saying that you should measure twice and cut once. This aphorism also applies when you select design features for your kitchen. Measure the amount of space you have available for your sink to avoid purchasing a model that is too large or small. If you’re not sure about the exact measurements, contact us at Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc. If you’re getting your counters from us in addition to your sinks, we can guide you in finding the right size for the counters we install in your home.

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Sink

choosing the best kitchen sink

When selecting the best sink options for your kitchen, you’ll need to account for size as well as how you will use it. If you have large loads of dishes, consider a double basin model. These provide you with a space to soak dishes without sacrificing your entire food preparation area. Here are a few specifics to help you decide on the ideal sink type:

  • Available Space: Depending on how much space you have, if you cannot fit a double bowl design into your kitchen, consider installing two smaller basins in different places. You’ll get twice as much cleaning space for dishes without taking up too much precious counter space from any one area. This design option is ideal if you have an island or a small kitchen with a limited counter room.
  • How You Wash Dishes: How do you wash dishes? Do you clean them all by hand, or do you stack them into the sink while waiting for a full dishwasher load? If you frequently stack your dishes, consider a straight-walled model, such as the Corian 850, which increases the bowl volume with straighter sidewalls. Straighter walls do not curve toward the bottom, so you have a flatter base for safely piling dishes. This flat base becomes especially crucial if you need to put glassware or other breakables into the basin. A flatter bottom keeps the dishes from tipping over.
  • The Location of Your Other Appliances: Look at other appliances in your kitchen. If you have a dishwasher, you’ll likely want the sink close by to reduce the amount of water spilled when filling the dishwasher with rinsed dishes. You might also want your sink close to the stove. Having your faucet close to the cooktop reduces the distance you’ll have to carry pots filled with water across your kitchen.

The best model for your kitchen may not be the same as for someone else. You are the only one who can determine how you will make the most of your kitchen and its fixture. Luckily, you’re not alone in your search for a kitchen sink. We’re here to help.

Check out Our Selection of Sinks for Your Kitchen

Do you need inspiration? Check out our selection of sinks. We offer everything from stainless steel to Corian, all of which pair perfectly with the counters we sell. With our many options, you’ll find exactly the beautiful and practical fixture your kitchen needs. From double to single bowls and bar to full-sized, we have the choices that matter to your lifestyle. With our undermounted styles, the basins merge perfectly into your overall kitchen design for a sleek appearance. Let this be the time to give your home an update with new counters and sinks in your kitchen.

For over 60 years, we’ve been helping our customers attain their dream homes by installing beautiful counters and other home accessories, such as sinks. The technology we use allows us to customize countertops for our customers. If you want a new sink, you might want new counters to accompany it. We can help with both. Contact us today for a free quote. You can also stop by our showroom or browse our website to see which counters and sinks we have available. Let us be your partners in creating your ideal kitchen.

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