Residential Kitchen Countertop Trends for 2022

Has all the recent time spent at home led you to realize your kitchen is due for a facelift? Let’s make this the year of the kitchen upgrade!

When considering a kitchen renovation, your top priorities should be function, appearance and budget. But regardless of what you want from your kitchen or what you can afford to spend, plenty of tips and tricks for creating an on-trend kitchen will keep you smiling for years to come.

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Residential Kitchen Countertop Trends

Residential Kitchen Countertop Trends

Countertops are central to any kitchen redesign. To be sure, they’re one of the most used features of the kitchen, but they’re also the piece that will unite all the other elements of your kitchen into one cohesive look. That’s a lot of pressure, but this year’s on-trend countertops are up to the challenge!

When you’re selecting countertops for your kitchen remodel, consider these two things.

1. Material

Choosing your ideal countertop material is essential because this will determine how your countertops will hold up to whatever you throw at them — or on them. Trendy homeowners love classic countertop materials for more than their looks. These surfaces can stand up to at-home chefs, baking experiments and even a constant onslaught of takeout containers and coffee mugs.

  • Granite: Granite countertops are timeless. These beauties have been kitchen design trends for years now, but their visual appeal and durability keep homeowners coming back for more. When you pick the right pattern, it brings out the best in the kitchen’s paint and cabinetry. They are durable and long-lasting, which means you can enjoy these countertops for many years to come. When sealed properly, they also repel stains and bacteria. While granite is at the higher end of the price scale, the investment will pay off by adding resale value to your home.
  • Solid-surface countertops: The most sought-after solid-surface countertop on the market today is quartz. These manufactured countertops are stain-, scratch- and heat-resistant and easy to maintain. They’re also antimicrobial, since there aren’t any pores for germs to sink into and hide. Made of ground-up quartz and manufacturer’s resin, quartz countertops resemble marble or granite, but they hold up better to spills. They also don’t need a seal, which means they’re essentially maintenance-free!

2. Color

While we’ll always love crisp, white counters, countertop colors are making a splash in the newest kitchen trends this year.

  • Faux marble: The look of marble countertops is beautiful, but they are easy to damage. Marble-look countertops are a hot item these days because they resemble marble, but have the durability of quartz. It’s also a much more affordable option for the average homeowner.
  • Light colors: Light-colored countertops are an enduring trend for two reasons — they complement current cabinet color trends, and they make your kitchen shine. Many lighter-colored countertops include elements that sparkle when the sunlight hits them just right, multiplying the natural light in your kitchen.
  • Dark, glossy countertops: Make a bold statement this year with dark countertops. Choosing a high-shine gray or black countertop can give your kitchen a dramatic look, especially when paired with white cabinetry. Darker countertops are also a creative way to showcase your backsplash or lighter-colored dishes on display.

Other Residential Kitchen Trends

When upgrading your kitchen, don’t stop at the counters. Any beautiful kitchen will combine cabinets, flooring, countertops and lighting to create a relaxing, inspiring culinary space. This year’s kitchen trends synergize all these elements to create simple, functional kitchens that are sure to inspire hours of cooking!

1. Lighting


We’re spending more time than ever at home these days, which means most homeowners are looking for ways to let natural light in and keep energy costs down. Among some of the more sought-after kitchen ideas this season, you’ll find the following.

  • Large windows: Generously sized windows let in lots of natural light, and they also allow your family to feel more connected with nature. Whether you choose to install a garden window to nurture homegrown herbs or a bay window to relax and watch birds, having large windows gives you more space to spread out. The natural light boosts your mood, too!
  • Energy efficiency: Large windows don’t merely add visual appeal — they can reduce the need to rely on overhead lighting, which, in turn, reduces energy costs. But if you’re looking for an even better way to slash your energy bills and improve efficiency, select a trendy pendant light and use LED bulbs. These bulbs use energy and light more efficiently. In other words, they brighten your space without a lot of energy waste.
  • Woven light fixtures: Woven light fixtures have found their place in kitchen decor for one good reason — they’re so versatile! You might assume a natural fiber fixture would only fit into a kitchen with a relaxed, beachy vibe, but these fixtures complement different decors, including modern, traditional and bohemian looks. Their lines and textures bring visual interest to various spaces, making them excellent options for spicing up even plain kitchen decor.

2. Paint Colors

Cabinets take up most of your kitchen wall space, but there’s still plenty of room to paint. Paint colors can make or break the design you’ve chosen.

  • Wall colors: Kitchen color trends this year will continue to feature grays and blues — reminiscent of the sky — and warm colors, like beige or brown. Greens continue to be popular as well. But don’t rely on paint alone to bring a pop of color to your kitchen. Choose paint, flooring and furniture to complement each other. When you carefully coordinate each of these essential elements, they’ll bring the design together in a perfect harmony of color and light.
  • Clean-lined kitchen design: While you may not be familiar with the term “clean-lined kitchen,” you’ve probably encountered a clean-lined design as you’ve been shopping around for the perfect look for your new culinary space. You may have thought these particular kitchen design trends looked “modern” or “minimalistic.” This term refers to a kitchen whose finishes and dimensions are the same. In these kitchens, appliances and worktops flow naturally, and all cabinet doors match or complement each other. Clean-lined cabinets are also a strategic way to make a kitchen space look larger, improving your kitchen’s usable space and functionality.

3. Cabinetry

White kitchens — and cabinetry — continue to be a leading trend, but some customers are exploring darker kitchen cabinet colors to show off their redesigned kitchen space. Darker browns and grays, blues and other colors are making a more frequent appearance in kitchens as homeowners begin to play with colors in the kitchen.

  • Open shelving: Open shelves are a kitchen cabinet trend that brings visual interest to a kitchen space. They make the kitchen feel airier, since they take the place of bulky cabinets. Think of open shelves as an art gallery for the kitchen. Pick a color scheme or a theme, then stylishly place items on the shelves to add visual interest. Bonus points if you incorporate dishes or appliances that also fulfill practical purposes, such as a French press or a set of matching coffee mugs.
  • Wall-to-wall cabinets: Traditionally, most kitchen cabinets consist of upper and lower storage spaces, separated by a countertop. But with wall-to-wall cabinetry takes up an entire wall with floor-to-ceiling cabinets. This strategy maximizes storage space in a small kitchen, but it also gives some visual interest. If you have a small kitchen or you’re looking for a unique feature, this might be the option for you!

4. Backsplashes

It’s challenging to identify backsplash fads because these features are where homeowners get creative and show off their design preferences. But, if you’re looking for some current kitchen trends for a backsplash, you might want to consider the following.

  • One-piece backsplashes: Some homeowners are opting to forego the hassle of tiles and use a one-piece backsplash instead. In some cases, the same company that installs your countertops can put in your backsplash, too. The backsplash becomes a vertical extension of the countertops you’ve chosen. But if you don’t have the budget to line your walls with granite or quartz, you can paint the walls behind your countertops with a color that helps them blend with the rest of the kitchen.
  • Patterned or textured backsplash tiles: Patterned or textured backsplashes add visual interest to a kitchen. Use them to pick up subtle colors in the flooring or tie in some of the veins of color in your countertops. There are tons of options on the market today, including marbled, florals and many textured styles designed to look and feel like natural stone.
  • Shine finish: Some backsplash tiles have a subtle matte finish, while others come with a high-gloss shine on the surface. Shiny tiles can reflect light and help brighten your kitchen space. They also add a cleaner, more formal look.

5. Appliances and Accents

Stainless steel's crisp look fits in well with lighter cabinets

Stainless steel appliances have been a staple of kitchen remodels for quite some time, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change this year. Stainless steel’s crisp look fits in well with lighter cabinets and the various paint colors found in today’s kitchens. Stainless steel comes in a shiny or matte finish, and many manufacturers also offer fingerprint-resistant options for those who don’t want to stare at smudges on the fridge every day.

6. Flooring

Choosing the right kitchen floor is about more than appearance. When selecting a floor, consider how your family uses the kitchen. Do you have children running in and out of the kitchen all day long? Do your pets eat there? Are you an aspiring chef, or do you only come into the kitchen long enough to pour a glass of wine and open a takeout container?

Hardwood floors continue to be the most in-demand kitchen flooring trend this year. Beloved for their warm appearance and solid construction, these tried-and-true floors can make any kitchen look more elegant. However, if you have young children in your home or you tend to drop things or spill a lot, hardwood may not be the best option for you. Many homeowners find that luxury vinyl tile or ceramic or porcelain tile are better for high-traffic kitchens. The fact that these materials are low-maintenance is a bonus!

7. Islands

Kitchen islands have become a staple of decor trends because they are simultaneously practical and beautiful. Kitchen islands offer more space for meal prep and additional storage for dishes and small appliances. They also provide space for family and friends to gather in the kitchen. Families with children find islands are a practical place to eat a quick bowl of cereal before school or do homework while enjoying a snack. They’re a convenient showcase for setting out hors d’oeuvres for a cocktail party or serving pizza on a Friday night. Islands are a central component of many memorable kitchen designs. But what’s going to set them apart this year?

  • Multi-level islands: A multi-level island maximizes space without creating more square footage. You can reserve the upper level for cooking and the lower level for eating or hanging out.
  • Multi-functional islands: Before you add or upgrade a kitchen island, stop to think about how you intend to use it. Will you only use it for food prep, or do you also want to incorporate seating? Will there be storage underneath? Multipurpose islands are the best investment because you get more for your money. This trend will have a long-lasting impact on your family’s day-to-day life.

Remodel Your Kitchen and Support Locally Owned Companies

If you’re in the market to remodel your kitchen, bypass the big-box stores and focus on supporting local businesses with your purchases. Why shop local? When you purchase goods and services through small, family-owned businesses, you’re putting money directly into your community. And, besides that, you’re likely to receive more personalized attention and better customer service. That will turn an average kitchen into a stunning addition to your home!

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