Custom Commercial Countertop Applications

Custom commercial countertop applications

A variety of commercial industries need reliable and durable counter space. From front desks to bathroom countertops, the type of countertop material you use can determine your business’s functionality and visual appeal.

For the hospitality industry, the appearance and design of countertops can impact guests’ opinions on their experience. By custom-designing your countertops, you can create a cohesive and beautiful design that guests will love. Meanwhile, other industries, such as health care, tend to care less about design and more about functionality. With custom-sized or shaped countertops, you can maximize your facility’s counter space.

Whether you need design customization, size customization or both, custom commercial countertops are possible for a variety of industries and applications. Learn about common commercial countertop applications, the best commercial countertop materials, how countertop customization works and more below.

Granite and Quartz in Commercial Applications

When designing a commercial space, durability, maintenance and style are all important. Commercial countertops need to be able to handle high traffic without sacrificing beauty. Granite and quartz are both ideal commercial countertop materials because of their many benefits.

The top benefits of granite and quartz countertops for businesses include:

  • Durability: Granite and quartz are both extremely durable. These materials are stain- and scratch-resistant, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Granite and quartz countertops are built to last, which can help you avoid costly and time-consuming repairs or replacements.
  • Low-maintenance: Cleaning both granite and quartz countertops is easy. Just mild soap and water can easily clean up any mess. Granite does require sealing, but a professional countertop provider can handle this for you, leaving you with an easy-to-maintain and beautiful countertop.
  • Various design options: Regardless of your design style or needs, there is a granite or quartz countertop for you. There are a variety of different colors, designs and styles available to easily coordinate with any aesthetic. Some countertop providers will even offer customizable granite and quartz countertops.

See how quartz and granite countertops can be an asset to your business below.

Lobbies and Building Entries

A business lobby or entry area sets the tone for the entire establishment. Clients and customers start to make assumptions and form opinions as soon as they walk into your business. Even if your business’ building is only for employees, your lobby and greater office space can set the tone for employee productivity and professionalism.

Granite or quartz countertops create a sleek and professional impression. With a variety of colors and patterns available, your front desk can beautifully coordinate with your current facility design. Plus, these countertops can handle daily wear from check-ins or other services.

Conference Rooms

A lot of important decisions happen in conference rooms, so give this space the sophisticated table it deserves. With so many design options available, you can find a sleek and modern granite or quartz conference table that coordinates with your office’s design.

From notebooks and pens to laptops and coffee cups, quartz and granite conference tables can handle it all. These low-maintenance tables also ensure your conference table will always be ready to go for any last-minute or emergency meetings.

Commercial Bathrooms

provide employees and guests with a clean and sleek bathroom

Every business must have a functional and clean bathroom. With a quartz or granite commercial countertop installation, your business can provide employees and guests with a clean and sleek bathroom.

The immense durability of quartz and granite countertops also ensures your counters can handle the high traffic of a bathroom. Plus, with just a quick wipe down, staff can keep the countertops clean.

Restaurant Counters

Restaurant counters see high traffic in a fast-paced environment. Guests expect to receive their food and drinks promptly, so kitchen, bar and wait staff are constantly working and using the various countertop workspaces. Your staff needs to be able to rely on the counters provided to handle the daily workflow.

Luckily, granite and quartz commercial kitchen countertops are extremely durable. These commercial kitchen countertop materials are also hard to stain, which can keep your countertops looking nice even after an inevitable spill or two. When sealed, granite countertops are even water-resistant. Granite countertops can also handle heat, making them the perfect addition for kitchen areas that deal with hot plates or dishes.

Additionally, cleanliness is vital in the food industry, so the low-maintenance and easy-to-clean qualities of granite and quartz countertops allow your staff to keep your establishment safely clean.

Custom Countertop Considerations

Whether you need a custom countertop out of necessity or preference, a professional countertop provider should be able to help meet your needs. From design to shape and size, it’s possible to create a countertop unique to your space.


Quartz countertops are an engineered product made of quartz, resin and pigment. This means there are endless color and pattern options to choose from. Quartz countertops are easy to customize, so if you have a certain design in mind, quartz countertops may be the best way to bring that design to life.

Granite countertops come from natural stone, so customization isn’t possible in the traditional sense. While you can’t control the colors or patterns, you can choose the exact slab of granite you’ll use. Each slab is one of a kind with a unique pattern, shading and hue.

Shape and Size

Uniquely sized and shaped counters deserve high-quality countertops too. Luckily, custom surface fabricators and installers like H.H. Ross can transform and customize any countertop surface into the ideal shape and size for you.

Shop Custom Commercial Countertops at H.H. Ross

Shop custom commercial countertops at H.H. Ross

From offices and restaurants to hospitals and hotels, H.H. Ross can help a variety of industries by installing high-quality and stylish countertops. As a full-service countertop company, we handle both design and installation. Our clients also have access to our design professionals, who can provide expert advice and recommendations for countertop design.

We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and service — no project is too big or too small. We always stay up to date on industry trends, materials and techniques to provide our clients with the best possible experience. Give your business the high-quality countertops it deserves, and contact us today to get started with a free quote.