A Guide to Countertops for Office Spaces

A Guide to Countertops for Office Spaces

As a business owner, architect or manager, you may be responsible for redesigning an office space. Since your countertops serve as the first impression of this area, the colors and styles you use should provide a cohesive flow throughout the office. The stone surfaces you use should also withstand the daily activity of your business. Explore the best countertops for offices to develop a plan for your new space.

Best Materials for Office Countertops

Granite, quartz and solid surface countertops like Corian® are all beautiful, durable office countertop materials. They offer several color and style options to suit your company’s brand and desired atmosphere. Consider the advantages of each stone surface.


Granite countertops are popular in office design because of their rich, elegant appearance. As a natural rock created from magma underground, it has unique graining patterns and outstanding strength. Some of the benefits of granite countertops include:

  • Visual appeal: Granite has a rich color that creates an excellent first impression for guests and employees. This stone countertop material can be subdued or bold, depending on your design preference. Its graining pattern makes each countertop slab unique and beautiful.
  • Various color options: Due to its natural materials, granite offers a range of colors from white to black. You can find a color that complements the company’s brand and provides the desired look for your space.
  • Ease of care: Despite its reputation of being a high-class, elegant natural stone, granite countertops are relatively affordable and convenient to maintain. You only need warm water and soap to clean your countertops regularly. You’ll also have to seal your granite countertop about once a year.
  • Durability: Granite is one of the most rigid materials available because it forms through heat and pressure. This material can last a long time in your commercial space, especially as office kitchen countertops.


Quartz countertops contain mostly quartz with a small percentage of polymer resin. As a manufactured stone, this material offers a customizable look with plenty of color and style options. Consider the benefits of this stone surface to discover where to put it in your office:

  • Strength: Quartz can keep up with the daily tasks the staff completes in the office. As a non-porous material, it’s resistant to moisture and bacteria growth. It also withstands scratching from rough materials, maintaining its luxurious appearance for many years.
  • Ease of maintenance: Quartz countertops are easy to clean with a mild detergent, warm water and a soft cloth. Since it’s non-porous, you don’t have to seal it like you would other materials.
  • Many color and style options: Quartz has an elegant appearance that creates an inviting atmosphere in your office. This material has a wide selection of colors and styles to help you design your custom countertops.

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops contain a mineral compound and a mix of resins. Since they’re synthetic, you can easily customize them to match the rest of your commercial space. Some of the advantages of solid surface countertops include:

  • Custom options: Solid surface countertops can look like natural stone with less maintenance and a more affordable cost. Since it’s a synthetic material, you can design it with unique shapes and textures to suit your office design.
  • Durability: This material can withstand rust, staining and damage from acidic chemicals. You may want to install solid surface countertops in meeting rooms, bathrooms, the kitchen or other high-traffic areas in your office.
  • Ease of maintenance: You can conveniently care for your solid surface countertops to make sure they last a long time. It’s easy to buff out minor imperfections to restore the counter’s appearance. Since it resists bacteria, you can also use them in your bathroom or kitchen to keep your employees and guests healthy.

Office Countertop Colors

Granite, quartz and solid surface countertops each offer many color and style options. Your countertop color will determine how your office looks and feels. Custom office countertops can match your office furniture, walls and decor.

Countertop Color

Keep in mind that light-colored countertops usually make a small room look more spacious. For an elegant appearance, consider installing dark-colored countertops in your formal office. Neutral-colored countertops can match any room color.

Where to Install Office Countertops

Explore some of these office countertop ideas to figure out where to install your stone countertops.

  • Front desk: The lobby welcomes your guests to your business. Granite’s unique appearance would enhance your front desk’s design. Choose a color that highlights your brand and creates an inviting atmosphere.
  • Conference table: A conference table needs to withstand wear and tear during a meeting. Solid surface countertops are resistant to damage from spilled coffee and scratching pens. This material can also take on different shapes to create a round, oval or rectangular conference table. Consider a dark brown countertop that adds a rich, sophisticated look to your meeting space.
  • Office kitchen countertops: Kitchen countertops should be resistant to moisture damage and bacterial growth. Quartz would work well in a kitchen because of its strength and ease of care. You may want to install dark countertops to hide crumbs and promote a welcoming environment in this area of your business.
  • Office desks: Employees need a desk that motivates them and makes them feel valuable to your company. Granite countertops for office desks are sophisticated and elegant. They’re also durable and resistant to the daily responsibilities that occur on an office desk. Still, you may want to place a desk mat on top of these surfaces to keep them looking their best.
  • Coffee table: A quartz coffee table can enhance your office’s design by giving your guests a place to wait comfortably. You can install quartz with a color that complements the rest of your office. You may also want to match your coffee table with your granite front desk.
  • Office windowsills: A solid surface windowsill can withstand moisture and direct sunlight while offering a visually appealing accent. Consider coordinating the windows and walls by using neutral colors for your windowsills. White or beige helps customers feel at ease when they come into your office. Your windowsills should also blend in with your design instead of standing out.

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