Countertops for the Healthcare Industry

Every healthcare professional knows the importance of a durable medical countertop. These vital surfaces bring functionality to hospital exam rooms, bathrooms and lobby and reception areas while also creating a clean and safe environment. With the right healthcare countertops, you can ensure that your surfaces are strong, sterile and visually appealing.

Experience high-quality style and craftsmanship with Corian® countertops. At Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc., we sell Corian Quartz surfaces that serve the healthcare industry reliably and effectively. With a beautiful, easy-to-maintain design that allows for infection control and stain resistance, our countertops are built to perfection.

Healthcare Design Standards

It’s crucial that all countertops meet and exceed healthcare industry design standards to ensure optimal cleanliness, strength and functionality. Hospitals and doctors’ offices must be conducive to a healthy environment. That’s why medical countertops must be easy to clean so that harmful contaminants like bacteria and liquids cannot infiltrate the surface and collect germs. Medical surfaces should also be stain-resistant and scratch-resistant so they won’t be damaged by chemicals and abrasive equipment in lab settings.

Quartz Countertops in Healthcare

Corian Quartz is the solution to maintaining clean, sleek and health-conscious countertops in healthcare. These surfaces give the elegant appearance of natural stone without the upkeep and come in a wide array of bright and beautiful colors. Made of sturdy quartz crystal, Corian countertops are scratch-resistant for long-lasting use.

Our countertops are nonporous, which means they don’t stain or support the growth of mold and mildew, ensuring the cleanest and safest environment in any medical setting. Corian Quartz countertops are also low maintenance and don’t require advanced cleaning methods like polishing, sealant or reconditioning, so you can spend less time sterilizing and more time focusing on what’s important — your patients. Simply swab down your countertops with standard cleaning agents for an easy and effective clean.

Corian countertops are GREENGUARD Certified® as low in volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, which means they do not release harmful pollutants into the air. Our surfaces are also GREENGUARD listed for microbial resistance.

Benefits of Quartz Countertops in Healthcare

Quartz countertops are the ideal choice for any healthcare setting. These surfaces come with a variety of benefits that aid in the advancement and functionality of any medical facility:

  • Durable: Strong enough to withstand contact with solid items like wheelchairs, beds and medical equipment.
  • Easy to clean: Perfect for areas where good hygiene is crucial, such as testing areas, labs and public restrooms.
  • Visually appealing: The eye-catching design makes lobbies more inviting and helps patients feel more comfortable.
  • Color options: You can choose colors that stimulate early childhood development in pediatric and neonatal areas.
  • Versatile: Perfect for patient rooms, operating rooms, labs, lobbies, nurses’ stations, cafeterias, hallways, restrooms and more.

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