Can You Install Countertops Yourself?

In recent years, do-it-yourself (DIY) countertop projects have become increasingly popular. When you’re looking at installing new kitchen countertops, it’s easy to think you’ll save money by taking care of the work yourself instead of calling in an expert. However, this is rarely the case.

Often, there are hidden costs in DIY projects. Also, when it comes to countertop installation, every process is different. For example, installing quartz countertops requires different tools, supports and skill levels compared to installing laminate countertops.

There are several reasons why hiring a professional contractor may be the best option for your countertop installation.

The Real Installation Cost

While installing your own countertops as a DIY project looks cheaper than hiring a professional at first, there are some hidden costs you’ll want to know about before fully committing to the process.


You will need specialized tools to properly install your countertops. The process may require cutting the material to fit sinks, creating a backsplash with odd angles or placing the countertop flush against the wall. Unless you own a countertop installation business of your own, you will probably have to buy tools that you may only use once. Even skilled handypeople may not have these instruments in their toolboxes. Professionals save you from having to buy new tools.


Counter installation can be a lengthy undertaking for a DIYer. You will most likely want to take your time, as the process is unfamiliar to you, and you will be learning how to install kitchen countertops as you go. At H.H. Ross, we have spent years exclusively installing countertops. We have the tools and experience necessary to quickly complete the job. Unless you have a few weeks to spare, hiring a professional is your best option.


Some materials, including concrete, granite, marble and quartz, require extensive experience for installation. Due to their weight, at least two people are necessary to lift and place the slabs. Furthermore, improperly installing DIY countertops creates torque, which can lead to cracks and stress fractures. When in doubt, contact an expert who knows how to get it right.

Professionals Do It Best

While people can certainly install countertops on their own, hiring professionals will result in the best product for your kitchen. You can save yourself time, stress and money by finding a reliable company to mount your countertops. Professionals have been doing this work for years, so they have the proven skills and experience needed to complete the job efficiently and correctly.

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