What Is the Best Countertop for Your Money?

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If you’re looking to replace the countertops in your home or business, you have a range of styles and materials at different price points to compare. For most buyers, cost is a major factor in deciding which countertop to choose. While the price is important, quality is another essential attribute to consider.

Most countertops go in kitchens and bathrooms, which are some of your property’s most useful spaces. As a result, quality should be a major factor in your decision. Choosing cheap, low-quality countertops for your kitchen may warrant repairs or even another replacement down the road. On the other hand, a durable countertop can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

The key is to find a balance between what’s most affordable right now and the most cost-effective countertops in the long term. This article will help you find your sweet spot.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops are a popular, budget-friendly countertop option. They come in a range of colors and patterns to suit your style. They’re also easy to maintain.

If making your initial countertop spend as affordable as possible is your top priority, laminate countertops could be a good choice. However, they have a few drawbacks that can make them less cost-efficient over time:

  • Vulnerability to heat, moisture and scratching
  • Difficult to repair, meaning you’ll likely need to pay for a replacement job
  • No addition to your property’s resale value

Wood Countertops

Wood countertops can create a warm, natural aesthetic at a budget-friendly price. If you have the time, you can install custom wood countertops as a DIY project. But like laminate countertops, wood countertops are not your most cost-effective option in the long term.

They are easily damaged by chips, scratches, moisture and heat. Eventually, wood countertops will need to be replaced, meaning they are not an investment in your home’s value. When calculating the affordability of wood countertops, the time and money associated with maintenance and replacement may outweigh the benefits.

If you aim to save the most money over time, you have other fantastic options. Keep reading to discover longer-lasting, more cost-efficient countertops.

Solid-Surface Countertops

Solid-surface countertops afford you the beauty and durability of natural stone without the price. They balance affordability and quality, ensuring accessible pricing and long-term value.

Combining mineral compounds and resins, these highly durable surfaces allow you to experiment with bold colors and unique designs. These countertops are also low-maintenance. They resist stains and moisture damage and allow you to buff out scratches and burns with minimal effort.

These qualities make solid-surface countertops some of the best kitchen countertops for the money. Materials like Meganite® and Corian® are cost-efficient options that bring enduring elegance to your kitchen:

  • Meganite: Meganite creates acrylic solid-surface countertops. They have earned a reputation as one of the most attractive and enduring synthetic countertop options. They are affordable to maintain, easy to clean and hygienic. Their germ-resistant surfaces make them an excellent choice for any health-conscious home or business in need of sanitary surfaces.
  • Corian: Corian is another exceptional synthetic option. Versatile and long-lasting, it is seamless to maintain. You can easily buff any scratches away and have confidence in its corrosion-resistant properties if you use acidic ingredients like vinegar or lemon in your kitchen. This material offers a vast range of color, texture and pattern possibilities. Define your kitchen’s or bathroom’s aesthetic however you please. You’ll find a Corian design to complement it.

H.H. Ross proudly stocks Meganite and Corian solid-surface countertops to fit the aesthetic of any room in your house. Due to their flexibility in design and easy installation, these countertop materials are a worthwhile choice.

Granite and Natural Stone Countertops

For cost-efficient, long-term countertop options, consider granite and other natural stone materials. Sheets of granite are smooth, durable and heat-resistant, making this the perfect material to use in your kitchen.

smooth, durable and heat-resistant

Though granite countertops are a higher-end initial investment, their supreme durability offers exceptional value over time. Granite is one of the world’s hardiest substances, so a granite countertop can last for a lifetime. The tough constitution and timeless beauty of granite countertops mean they are always in high demand. This demand will add to your property’s resale value, which is worth factoring into the return on investment.

We source our granite and natural stone from several areas, including New Hampshire, Vermont and Chester County. Having access to these locations allows us to offer you great versatility in color and patterns in an investment that will last for years to come.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is an extremely strong, durable material with a classy look, making it one of the best countertops available.

Resistant to stains and scratches, quartz countertops can look exquisite for years, even after heavy use. Much like granite, its value is best appreciated in the long term, as it is a durable and low-maintenance material. Quartz is a practical choice, compatible with the challenges of busy family and work lives because it requires so little effort to maintain its classic beauty.

Install one of our quartz countertops to increase the value of your property by giving it a sparkling new addition.

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