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A quick search for countertops in Hershey, PA, will present a variety of different countertops producers in this area. What if you could get a huge selection of these countertops under one roof? Even better, what if you could find a company to both custom-make your countertops and expertly install them?

If you’re in need of granite countertops in Hershey PA, trust the quality, reliability and services of Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc. Explore our high-quality options below.

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Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops for Homes

For the homeowner looking for unique and beautiful countertops for the kitchen or bathroom, H.H. Ross has more than enough options. The varieties available include the following:

Granite Countertops

If you search for granite in Hershey, PA, you’ll realize this material is the most popular countertop option — and for good reason. Granite countertops aren’t just elegant — they’re also easy to maintain. This material also stays in perfect condition even when exposed to extremely high temperatures. Even better, granite is quite durable, which makes it perfect for homeowners looking for a lasting countertop.


This is a synthetic surface that can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom and outdoor cooking areas. While its versatility makes it a favorite among homeowners, its low price is what really sets it apart. Corian® is perfect for a less expensive, still high-quality alternative to granite or quartz.


Otherwise known as engineered stone, quartz is another countertop available for homeowners. Quartz comes in different colors, so it’s easy to find a color that matches your kitchen or bathroom theme.

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Countertops for Businesses and Commercial Use

Just like homeowners, business owners and those looking for countertops for commercial use have a variety of options here at H.H. Ross. Some of the varieties available for commercial use include the following:

GEOS Surfaces

These are made using recycled glass. This combination makes quality countertops that are easy to clean and maintain — ideal for high traffic areas like restaurants and healthcare facilities.

We’re a Local Countertop Provider You Can Trust

Here at H.H. Ross, we offer durable, high-quality countertops you can count on. We’re a local company, which means you can pop in anytime to see what we have to offer. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll give you a free quote for a huge variety of high-quality countertops.

Looking for granite countertops in Hershey, PA, or simply want to know what options are available? Get in touch with Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc. and you’re guaranteed access to a huge selection of countertops for your home or office. You’ll also meet a team of experts who will custom make and install the countertops for you. Explore our options today.

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