Granite Countertops in Lancaster, York, Reading and Harrisburg, PA

Granite Countertops

Every granite countertop is an individual work of art, created by nature and polished by the skilled craftsmen at Henry H. Ross & Son.

Granite comes from places all over the world, and the source closest to our location near Lancaster, PA is a quarry in Chester County. Elsewhere in the United States, New Hampshire has the nickname The Granite State. Barre, Vermont calls itself "The Granite Center of The World," and Mount Rushmore is actually a huge piece of granite.

Many other countries also quarry granite, and that diversity of locations means that this very hard rock comes in an almost endless variety of beautiful colors and fascinating patterns. The magnificent fissures and surface depressions found in granite slabs create veining and movement of colors that simply cannot be created artificially.

The Many Uses of Granite

Granite's inherent hardness and smooth surface make it a popular choice for both structural and decorative applications. In particular, granite is a preferred choice for use as a dimension stone and as a flooring tile surface in residential and commercial buildings.

Most of us are familiar with the granite headstones used to mark burial plots in cemeteries as well, and granite home foundations are also commonplace in many areas of the United States. Additionally, engineers have long used polished granite surface plates in their construction projects due to their solid, impervious composition. Of course, you can also find granite countertops throughout the Lancaster-York-Harrisburg-Reading, PA region!

The Durability of Granite Countertops and Other Products

Granite's hardness also makes it one of the most durable materials for countertops and other items. Granite contains varying amounts of quartz - the higher the percentage of quartz, the longer you can expect a granite product to last. Granite also provides excellent resistance against stains, scratches and heat. Because of its longevity, a granite countertop can provide a cost-effective long-term solution that will last for many years.

Caring for Your Granite Countertop

Another benefit of installing a granite countertop in your Lancaster, York, Harrisburg or Reading home is the ease of maintenance and low cost of ownership. You can clean your countertop by applying a mixture of mild detergent and warm water and wiping the surface with a soft cloth. Just make sure to remove and dry all liquids from a granite countertop as quickly as possible, especially those containing oils or acids.

To meet our customers' desires for spectacular works of granite, we can work the material to achieve a variety of finishes, including:
  • Antique textured
  • Honed
  • Polished to a mirror finish
Granite offers permanence, as well as enduring color and texture, making it an excellent material for countertops, fireplaces, steps, road and driveway curbing, terraces, and public spaces. Granite offers a wide range of price tags because granite slab prices vary according to the source and the scarcity of the material. What you can be sure of, regardless of cost, is that every piece of granite that you'll see at Henry H Ross & Son is of the highest quality.

The diverse beauty of granite is on display in our showroom, so come in and see how it will look in your home. You can also visit us online to get a free quote for a granite countertop in Lancaster, York, Harrisburg or Reading, PA.
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