Corian Quartz Surfaces

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DuPont™ Corian Quartz Surfaces

Created by DuPont™ scientists, Corian Quartz surfaces meet the demands of architects, designers, and homeowners who are as exacting about aesthetics as they are about performance.

A Corian Quartz surface combines the best of nature and science with the best of contemporary residential and commercial design. Engineered with pure quartz crystals and beaming with diamond-like radiance, Corian Quartz countertops and surfaces are visually striking - and utterly unique. The sparkling crystal within Corian Quartz surfaces balances stunning light-play with mesmerizing depth. Long-lasting and GREENGUARD Certified® as a low-emitting material, Corian Quartz surfaces are a high-performance material, delivering great strength and resistance to heat and scratches. Homeowners and designers the world over choose Corian Quartz because this remarkable surfacing material elevates kitchens and baths with the timeless beauty of quartz crystal.

Corian Quartz Surfaces for Home Use

Bathroom sinks, kitchen counters and numerous other surfaces throughout your home take a beating every day. Rather than replacing these surfaces when they scratch or taking the time to polish them often, you need a durable material that can stand up to everything you throw its way.

You'll find this durability and quality with Corian Quartz solid surfaces. Corian Quartz - formerly known as Zodiaq - will maintain its beauty for decades. We offer stunning Corian Quartz countertop installations that will bring your dream home renovation to life.

Commercial Corian Quartz Surfaces

Your front desks, decorative tables and other surfaces throughout your business should wow your clients and inspire your employees. The right material will seamlessly blend with your current decor and require little maintenance, so you can focus on your more pressing business tasks. You'll find these qualities in a Corian Quartz countertop installed by H.H. Ross. We offer quartz surfaces ideal for businesses and architectural projects both large and small.

Benefits of Corian Quartz Surfaces

Quartz is growing in popularity among homeowners and architects who want to add durability and sophistication to their projects. When you're looking for quartz surfaces, Corian Quartz stands out far above the rest. With Zodiaq quartz countertops, you'll enjoy:

  • Durability: You won't have to worry about daily wear and tear when you choose Corian Quartz. The unyielding crystals naturally keep their good looks and stand up to years of heavy use, making this one of the most indestructible materials you could choose for your countertops or front desk.
  • Little maintenance: Quartz is one of the few materials you won't have to polish, seal or otherwise recondition. All you'll need is soap and water or a stone-safe cleaner for occasional deep cleaning.
  • Stain resistance: Since DuPont quartz is nonporous, it resists liquids other materials might soak up. The result is exceptional resistance to staining from any spill.
  • Heat resistance: While you should still use heat pads to maintain any surface type, quartz is known for its heat resistance. This heat-resistant material is well-suited for kitchens and any other area where you often carry and place hot objects.
  • Hygiene: Corian Quartz's nonporous surfaces are incredibly hygienic - a useful trait for bathrooms, kitchens, offices and nearly any other room where occupants spread germs often. Mold and bacteria won't have anywhere to take root within the quartz's surface.
  • Appearance: One of the most common reasons home and business owners prefer quartz is its natural beauty. The material boasts a naturally intense, lustrous appearance with few noticeable imperfections. And, because the material is virtually indestructible, these attractive looks won't fade throughout its lifetime.

Choose H.H. Ross for Corian Quartz Countertop Installation

If you're looking for Corian Quartz surface installation near Lancaster, PA, Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc. offers the expertise and quality you need. We've honed our skills through more than 60 years of experience as a local, family-owned countertop fabrication business. We'd be happy to talk to you about your needs and install timeless Corian Quartz countertops for your home or business. Contact us to request more information or a free quote.

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